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No Right To Harm - Girls Againist Domestic Violence
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Welcome to No Right to Harm! This site speaks about Domestic Violence and storys of those who have survived. Please feel free to look around and if you have any question or concerns e-mail me.Thanks For Visting!  
                    Amanda Ownby
       (founder of No Right To Harm)

 Does your Partner.....
V erbally insult, demean, or threaten you?
I solate you from friends, family, or other            people?
O rganize schedules to follow or harrass you?
L imit your mobility or access to money?
E xplode into a rage and assault you physically
   or sexually?
N egate your words, abilities, ideas,and actions?
C hoke, punch, slap, kick,or otherwise hurt you?
E xcuse each attack and promise to stop?
If this sounds familiar, you could be the victim of an abusive realtionship. However, you are not alone. Whether you need information, support, or a safe place to stay, there are people who can help!

National Spouse Abuse 24 hour Crisis Line: