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What is Domestic Violence?

No Right To Harm - Girls Againist Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence is defined as physical, emotional, or sexually harmful acts between husbands and wives or between other individuals in an intimate relationship. It can also occur in dating and courtship relationships and between former spouses.


People don't often relieze that Domestic Violence is not just physical abuse. There are actually three types of abuse....

  1. Physical Abuse: intentional unwanted contact with your body by abuser or an object within the abuser's control.

Ex: Scratching, slapping, burning,and pinching.

 2. Sexual Abuse: Sexual behavior that is unwanted and the victium is unable to say no.

Ex: Unwanted kissing, rough/violent sexual activity, and date rape.

 3. Verbal/Emotional Abuse: anything that is said to the victim by the abuser to lower self esteem and that makes the victim afraid.

Ex: Name-Calling, Threats of Violence, racial slurs, and insulting remarks about the victim, the victims family or friends.

Examples and defentions are courtsey of Thanks for the help!